Currently in Washington DC

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?
I only provide companionship. Never discuss or imply any sexual acts via email, phone nor face-to-face. Legally, I cannot and will not discuss or agree to any type of solicitation. No tip or fee of any kind will be quoted, negotiated, or collected in exchange for any sexual acts. As a companion, I get compensated only for my time and company. Even if you have passed my screening, your booking will be canceled immediately if you attempt to discuss illegal services.
What happens during a booking?
For outcalls: (Visiting you at your Hotel) After arriving I will excuse myself to the bathroom to freshen up (i.e., wash my hands, brush my teeth, etc). During this time, I will also pick up the envelope with my donation. Please, leave the envelope on your bathroom counter before I arrive. Don’t make me ask for it because it makes things awkward. After this, we’ll relax and enjoy the rest of our time together.

For incalls: (You coming to see me at my Hotel) Once you have arrived, place the envelope with my donation on the table, and go to the bathroom to freshen up. You will find a new tooth brush, mouth wash, and tooth paste. Please use them. It would also be great if you could take a quick shower. This is especially important if you are coming from work. If you are not super clean, I cannot guarantee a great time as the number of fun things I will doing to you will be few.

How will you wear during our time together?
My personal style is feminine and classy. I love wearing dresses, heels, beautiful lingerie with garter belts and stockings. If I am feeling more adventurous, I may show up only wearing lingerie under a long trench coat with heels. If you would like me to dress more casual (i.e., leggings, jeans, etc), please let me know in advance.
May I take you to lunch or dinner as part of our date?
Of course! I would love to spend more time getting to know you whether it is during lunch or dinner, or just relaxing in the privacy of your hotel room. Some of my favorite foods include Steak, Italian, French and American cuisine.
May I bring wine or champagne?
Absolutely! I enjoy both red (Pinot Noir) and white (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Proseco) wines, but please feel free to bring a bottle of your favorite wine. My favorite champagne is Moet & Chandon. I only ask that you bring a new bottle. Also, the bottle should be opened in front of me.
How do you maintain client confidentiality?
Your privacy is very important to me. I personally screen every person that I meet carefully. No one but me will ever see any of the information you provide during the screening process. I am also very private and safeguard all the details about the time we spent together.
May I record videos or take pictures when we meet?
Absolutely Not. I am a very private person, and taking pictures or filming a video is not allowed under any circumstances. I have an expectation of privacy during our time together.
I’ve met you. Should I say ‘hi’ if I see you in public?
As I mentioned before, I am a very private person. Please, do not approach me in public as I could be with friends/family and it could create an uncomfortable situation for me. Even if it looks like I am alone, I may not be. If I see you in public, you should expect the same behavior from me. Privacy is very important for me. Always feel free to send me a quick text, email, or tweet letting me know that you saw me.
I’ve met you, and I have your cell phone number. May I call you to make a booking?
No. I do not wish to receive phone calls. However, please feel free to send me a text message or email to inquire about my availability.
What if I am having so much fun and I want to extend our time together?
I would be delighted to spend more time with you! If you wish to do so, please let me know right away and take care of the additional compensation right away.